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Events and Exhibits


GAYSORN VILLAGE discovers the meaning behind the eye symbol in The grandest solo art exhibition, ‘Eye On You’, by Nualtong Prasarnthong Featuring in the ‘Let It Be Love’ campaign

GAYSORN VILLAGE – A unique urban lifestyle village that offers shopping and dining experiences rich in passion and creativity in Bangkok’s downtown – organized the ‘Eye On You’ exhibition – the highlight of the ‘Let It Be Love’ campaign, where GAYSORN VILLAGE, together with ‘Nualtong Prasarnthong’, the well-known illustrator with unique style all her own, creates a village of love to welcome the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Designed and decorated by ‘Nualtong Prasarnthong’ herself, GAYSORN VILLAGE is ready to offer visitors an innovative experience through gigantic 15-metre jewelry installations with jewelry recreations of 300 jewelry pieces at Gaysorn Village Atrium Gallery, along with large sculptures, 26 Acrylic paintings of women on wood, and jewelry with simple-yet-detailed designs employing red, pink, and wooden color tone – livening up the event with balance energy.

On top of the larger-than-life art exhibition by the well-liked illustrator, GAYSORN VILLAGE completed shopping experience in the month of love by hosting the ‘Let it be Love Marché’ – a market gathering hundreds of well-selected fashion and lifestyle items; jewelries; baked goods; and home décor from 28 leading brands, such as B.Natural, Bear's Treat, Eight, Is mini, Omocha Zakka, Ora Clay, The wood's Tale, etc.

Korakot Srivikorn, executive director of GAYSORN VILLAGE, states that, “GAYSORN VILLAGE uses such a romantic story to take visitors’ imagination to their most vivid extent. ‘Let It Be Love’ is a retail theatre project of ours – offering the innovative experience as a characteristic business and lifestyle hub. A hub for artistic soul and valuable lifestyle under the “TIME WELL SPENT” concept – focusing on the value of quality time and neat handicrafts welcoming the month of love, GAYSORN VILLAGE, valuing handicrafts, creates the grandest art lifestyle in ‘Let It Be Love’ campaign, with the collaboration of the famous Nualtong Prasarnthong in delivering such masterpiece.”

Nualtong Prasarnthong remarks “The art exhibition at GAYSORN VILLAGE is inspired by the legendary love of 18th century – in which eye is portrayed as the lover’s care and loving keepsake. The big idea is portrayed through 26 women travelling, far away from their lovers, with the symbolic ‘lover’s eye’ drawn and painted on 26 paintings and jewelry pieces. The inspiration takes root from the story in the 18th century of King George IV of England – Prince of Wales at the time – who assigned a famous artist of the era to draw the prince’s eye, which was, then, put into a small frame, and sent to the love of his life as a token of his affection. The work is the masterpiece resulting from the effort and dedication of GAYSORN VILLAGE and I during the three-month preparation.”

Get carried away in the land of love, and experience the newest GAYSORN VILLAGE sensation with ‘Let It Be Love’. Savor the ‘Eye On You’ solo art exhibition by Nualtong Prasarnthong, starting 8th February to 12th March 2017, on the G fl. of GAYSORN VILLAGE. Shop for perfect Valentine’s Day gifts at Let It Be Love Marché, starting from 8th to 21st February 2017, at 10:00am to 8:00pm., on the first floor, GAYSORN VILLAGE.


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Jordy Exhibition

Master of Multi-tasking  Yu Jordy Fu is an internationally renowned designer, artist and architect, as well as the CEO of the M&J design firm. She is also the creative director of fashion TV and the owner of fashion brand J by Jordy.  Please credit and share this article with others using this link: View our policies at and © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.


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Father of our Nation - พ่อหลวงของแผ่นดิน

Gaysorn Shopping Centre in association with top 32 artists is willing to pay homage to His Majesty the Late King through this fine arts exhibition namely. “Father of our Nation” • All people are welcomed to join the exhibition to discover and be an owner of 32 different artworks. All of the money acquired from selling such artworks will be donated wholly to Chaipattana Foundation. • Exhibition attendees are given memorial postcards with 19 different styles designed by 19 different artists (limitedly produced) with set-up post box so you can mail it to yourself as a vow to do a good deed for dad. Top 32 artists of the countries have been invited to the exhibition, including Akin Kanchanapokin, Ati Kongsuk, Akom Sombattham, Chalanthorn Menakongka, Kamphi Tapnoi, Kongsak Punponwatthanaporn, Kitti Parimethachai, Payao Bootsamran, Pongsak Kamjornrassamikij, Nareudol Kandit, Natthanit Kraiperm, Surakit Thammasathit, Suriyakarn Kijsamrej, Thanasarn Khanakasem, Tinna Hongngam, Yuree Kensaku, Thanakorn Boonlue, Thanakorn Sararak, Amnat Wachirasut, Anurak Namapai, Watcharapong Khanakrut, Winai Namwong, Wirawut Boonnueang, Chitpol Raksasuthakarn, Thawat Sukthong, Thanit Pianmaneewong, Nakrob Mulmanus, Deuanchaipoochana Pooprasert, Trirong Peungprom, Netnaree Krammisap and Prasert Triphanpithak, to share their love and attachment through their precious memories regarding His Majesty the Late King expressed in 32 paintings of different postures of the late King during his childhood, including the period where he had reigned for 70 years. 19 different artworks of 19 artists will be selected and printed on a postcard which will be given as a souvenir to the attendees (limitedly produced). The artworks displayed in “Father of our nation” exhibition have been created with different techniques dependent on the artists’ individual skill, for example, painting, digital painting, digital collage painting and mixed media painting and etc., all of which will be displayed continuously in installation exhibition from November 30, 2016 to January 6, 2017, 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM, on G floor of Gaysorn Shopping Centre. Attendance fee is not required in this exhibition. Also, it is the right opportunity for those who are enthralled by a work of art, as all of the money acquired from selling artworks will be donated wholly to support Chaipattana Foundation and regard as an act of charity for His Majesty the Late King. “Father of our Nation” exhibition opens daily from November 30, 2016 to January 6, 2017, 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM, on G floor of Gaysorn Shopping Centre. The attendees are given memorial postcards produced in 19 different styles designed by 19 artists (limitedly produced). For additional information or artwork reservation, please contact Gaysorn Concierge or call 02-656-1149 or visit


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Elizabeth Romhild

ELIZABETH ROMHILD Elizabeth Romhild, Artist and Designer, presents a selection of her paintings and sculptures and her recent porcelain for fine dining. The Porcelain Brand Danish/Armenian artist, Elizabeth Romhild is presenting her design on porcelain for fine dining. Romhild’s unique heritage has instilled her creativity with a distinct individuality. Romhild has a unique and recognizable style, and from a successful career in unique painting and sculpturing, she has now also embarked on showing her style on fine porcelain through Elizabeth Romhild Design. Initially she has designed three series: Piano, La Boheme and Impromptu, which depict her earlier works of women and sensuality. Elizabeth Romhild’s Journey as an Artist At the age of 26, she began painting realistic portraits, later moving on to seascapes and landscapes. Romhild's artwork has travelled through many phases on a continuous road of self-development and discovery. Gradually her art became bolder and more simplified in her portrayals of the female subject both in the two-dimensional form of her paintings and the three-dimensional form of her bronze sculptures. Energized by her wide-ranging and international experiences and her artistic endeavors, Romhild has been offering the art world a constantly evolving and fascinating body of work that reflects who she is as an artist and as a person.  Romhild has lived and worked in Bangkok, Thailand since 1988. Her artwork is part of private collections in several countries around the world.