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Gaysorn Village has unveiled the “GAYSORN URBAN RETREAT” The most unique Beauty and Well-beo=ing hideaway in the heart of city at “Beautiful Escape”

"GAYSORN URBAN RETREAT" A Grooming, wellness, aesthetic and surgery hideaway in the heart of the city. Our concept of beauty recipes for total well-being highlights 13 unique brand to help you look and feel your best from both inside and out.

Explore the beauty essences of our well-being concept from 13 leading brands
WONJIN@Gaysorn / MUNIQUE Exclusive Club / PANPURI Wellness / Erb Bliss Room / THANN & THANN Sanctuary / La Vie Detox & Wellness Center / salon la prairie / Anissa Clinic / Chaba Nails & Eyelashes / Lisa Frances Clinic / PAYA Dental Clinic by Dr.Joy / THE GALLERY TIARA and TINGLE


With high standard equivalent to Wonjin Korea, the No.1 beauty surgery brand in Korea, now you can look better, save time and money without flying to Korea anymore. At Wonjin@Gaysorn, we offer you Wonjin Finest Technique, the most innovative Wonjin surgical technique, performed by our Thai plastic surgeons who have trained and certified by Wonjin Academy Program from Wonjin Korea, to ensure our patients of safety, and customized result of Korean natural beauty that is only Wonjin knows how.

Under concept of Beauty Surgery Gallery, WONJIN@Gaysorn offers you both surgery gallery and skin gallery in which we deliver Wonjin Korea highest standard and reputation to meet our customers expectation and satisfaction.

Under concept of Beauty Surgery Gallery, WONJIN@Gaysorn offers you both surgery gallery and skin gallery in which we deliver Wonjin Korea highest standard and reputation to meet our customers expectation and satisfaction.

Location: 10 Floor, Gaysorn Tower
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-023-7049

MUNIQUE Exclusive Club

Introducing Your Exclusive Beauty Retreat Club Right in The Heart Of Bangkok. Not only will you enjoy newly discovered skin rejuvenation techniques for your everlasting youth, but also experience quantum synchronization at the cellular level that will triple the effect of your therapies. At Munique, we channel the power of nature with our unique energy systems helping stimulate and strengthen the rejuvenation process. Our most popular program nourishes your body at the cellular level using the famous Water Crystallization method from Japan with our signature Mindfulness Synchronization technique. When utilized together with our superior treatments from scalp rejuvenation, facials and body therapies, the after effects remarkably improve both body and mind while reenergizing your power levels for ages.

Location: 11 Floor, Gaysorn Tower
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-117-4592-3

PANPURI Wellness

The heart of ultimate rejuvenation at the center of Bangkok, PANPURI WELLNESS is the first of its kind urban well-being partner of today’s consumers. Addressing modern-day issues on sleep, stress, fatigue and pollution through wellness treatments and programs that empower customers in achieving their wellness goals, PANPURI WELLNESS employs a unique all-natural approach to wellness. Combining uncompromised purity, pleasure and results in its treatments, products and facilities including two private onsen suites, five onsen pools, an Akasuri scrub room, nine treatment rooms, Thai massage room, wellness bar, wellness studio and relaxation lounge, all set in the backdrop of the celebrated Bangkok skyline, PANPURI WELLNESS is that one true voice that customers can depend on for guidance and support as they venture on a quest to discover wellness.

Location: 12 Floor, Gaysorn Tower
Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
Tel: 02-253-8899

Erb Bliss Room

Restore your power and recharge your energy, body and soul in a Blissful Lifestyle. In only a few minutes, recharge yourself and get a quick fix with our signature Erb Seven Pollen Golden Therapy, a facial treatment that harnesses flower essences of 7 of the most nourishing flowers on earth. The Crystal Therapy uses crystals to re-tune your superiorit while aroma therapy and the Perfume Bar can alleviate stress to help you back on your path to fabulous energy.

Location: 2 Floor Gaysorn Tower
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-253-8559


An ultimate mind and body ritual designed to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins to ensure a blissful awakening of the senses. THANN Sanctuary offers a complete range of well-being treatments with the latest facilities for respiratory retreat. Salt Therapy, which uses the healing power of salt to aid allergy and sinus pain relief while boosting the immune system and treating skin related diseases. Oxygen Therapy helps to relief fatigue from improper breathing and sleep disturbance. As a result, a better immune system is built for healthier living. Aroma Therapy Steam Bath enhances the balance of physical, mental, and well-being. The chamber is filled with aroma-theraeutic steam, which warms the skin, opens the pores, and relaxes the muscles of your body.

Location: 3 Floor, Gaysorn Centre
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-656-1423


To promote wellness and anti-aging, this Detox Center offers all treatments including Infrared Sauna, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Blood and Vein Detox to remove toxins and rejuvenate the body. All medical equipment is FDA approved and treatments are supervised by a certified team of physicians and nurses. Our detoxification treatments may resemble offerings found in a hospital but are set in a luxurious and spacious surrounding for the most comfortable way to detoxify the body.

Location: 11 Floor, Gaysorn Tower
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-253-8588

Salon la prairie

Global brand salon la prairie from Switzerland continues to lead the way in premium facial and body skin treatments. Highlighting the signature Swiss Bliss massage program, rejuvenate the skin and breathe life back into the body with Gold and Caviar treatments. Cellular Power Infusion are also used to offer concentrated cellular infusion to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots for flawless, glowing skin.

Location: L Floor, Gaysorn Centre
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-656-1190-1


Technologically advanced treatments and expert doctor care can be found at this comprehensive beauty clinic. Anissa Clinic, offering a Customized Treatment approach, each individual can optimise beauty with the help of our aesthetic experts to design and shape your best look. Utilizing state-of-the-art beauty enhancing techniques and the art of Chinese Facial Mapping, look great and feel confident today.

Location: 11 Floor, Gaysorn Tower
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-001-2222


Dedicated to the beautification of eyebrows and eyelashes, this unique salon with private rooms is designed to offer clients the utmost in privacy when undergoing treatments. All products are from Germany and are physician grade surgical tools to ensure safety and highest quality standards around. There are over 5 different eyelash extension types to choose including the latest eyelash technology from the US, Real Mink, to give our clients the ultimate in luxury eyelash extensions.

Location: L Floor, Gaysorn Centre
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-656-1345


Sincerity and dedication to our clients are at the very core of Lisa Frances. Over 10 years of providing aesthetic treatments with our trusted Privacy Safety Sincerity concept, every client, both women and men, is treated in confidentiality by only 1 physician, Dr. Chad. His strong reputation for understanding each individual’s needs allows the clinic to provide the utmost in specialized aesthetic enhancement. With certified medical devices, industry innovations and medical breakthroughs, all clients can rest assure that quality and privacy are top priorities.

Location: L Floor, Gaysorn Centre
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-656-1440

Paya Dental Clinic by Dr.Joy

Expert dentistry at Paya Dental Clinic by Dr. Joy not only offers holistic dentistry treatments, it offers a glimpse into a traditional Thai culture as well. The clinic is decorated with a beautiful Thai motif to highlight the pleasantries of Thailand. Staff and dentists adorn intricate Thai traditional outfits to enhance the overall experience where patients can engage in premium dental care with a twist of Thai culture for an impressive and unforgettable dental visit.

Location: L Floor, Gaysorn Centre
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-656-1050


With its Luxury Green Salon Concept, we use all natural and organic products including Framesi and Davines from Italy. Using only purified water to minimize chlorine and innovaitve water treatment techniques, we reduce wastewater environmental impact. Emphasizing on Korean hair grooming techniques to naturally look great, stop by for wonderful hair treatments while saving the environment.

Location: L Floor, Gaysorn Centre
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 02-656-1178

CHABA Nails & Eyelashes

The CHABA flagship store located at Gaysorn Village is the largest branch to offer premium hand and feet spas as well as nail art and eyelash services. Using only the best products from Elemis UK, relax the day away with a brilliant hand or feet spas. Expert nail artisans always keep up with the latest nail and fashion trends with continuous R&D (Research & Development) to bring clients the most up-to-date looks around. Equipment and tools from Japan and the US ensure that our quality surpasses every expectation.

Location: L Floor, Gaysorn Centre
Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Tel: 084-464-8787

Join us today and explore the essences that make up your most beautiful you!

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