Gaysorn- Spirit of the Community

Historically significant, the Ratchaprasong Intersection and surrounding area stood for freedom and a new era of leadership. King Rama V, the enlightened monarch, aptly named the intersection Ratchaprasong, meaning ‘royal wish’ and the major road Ratchadamri, meaning ‘royal order’ to designate a place for diplomacy and trade.

Early on, royals, nobles and expatriates came together on the busy trading streets to drive trade and commerce. Thus setting off a community spirit that to this date still remains strong.

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Then and Now

Over time, Gaysorn has fostered the area with honor, integrity, responsibility and compassion.

As beacons of hope, later generations have gone to great lengths to uphold the pioneering spirit of the area and to introduce innovative urban renewal to set the Gaysorn community apart from the rest.

Fostering Today’s Community

Innovative to the core, Charn Srivikorn was actually the first to introduce the concept of urban renewal to Bangkok, a novel idea he had envisioned since the beginning of the turn of the century.

His keen ability to understand that megamall trends would not withstand the test of time led him to reach out to neighbouring buildings and landlords in the late 90’s to develop a unique retail culture to provide a more sustainable community and gathering place.

To demonstrate that the spirit of community is alive and well, a visionary approach to create an area that fosters growth as well as greatness is just around the corner. “Life is all around. Gaysorn offers a stage for all to enjoy and capture life as it happens.”—Charn Srivikorn

The Artisan Way

At the heart of this vision, the core values include a genuine appreciation for curated experiences and the preservation of Thai culture and heritage while welcoming new innovation for the future.

“As artisans we work together to integrate arts and crafts to preserve our past and ensure that our culture is passed onwards.”—Surapee

Shared Vision

This concept has caught on with other partners in the area and has been adopted widely which adds value and offers new experiences to create synergistic excellence. “Community is a collaborative effort to provide a sense of belonging, safety and shared experiences to the masses.”—Chai Srivikorn

In addition to the intangible community values, tangible elements such as buildings and walkways are equally important in achieving the most ideal settings. “Shaping vision into reality is more than constructing state-of-the-art structures, it also needs to incorporate safety and community values to succeed.”—Fafuen Temboonkiat

WE are Gaysorn

Gaysorn believes that “We” are all a part of the community. From individuals, customers, businesses and other stakeholders, we all make up something much bigger.

The goal is to bring everyone together for a unique retail, entertainment, dining and cultural experience is constantly being realized with every development that is launched. “Offering original dining experiences and sharing the best with our visitors and partners makes it all worth it.”— Sirima Hongsananda


The conscious effort to break from the mold of tradition is evident in how Gaysorn promotes spending time with more purpose.

Self-enrichment and self-discovery is all apart of the journey of life. “We can understand more about life through the compelling stories and unique perspectives of different artists.”—Korakot Srivikorn

Spiritual Community

Yet another integral part of the Spirit of Community, the magnificent 7 Gods of Ratchaprasong, offer a centralized place of worship for locals and visitors of the area.

The spiritual energy in the area blesses international trade, thereby promoting more successful commerce and a stronger community. Located just a few steps from Thailand’s most famous shopping district in the middle of Bangkok, everyone can be a part of something sacred and grand.

7 Gods of Ratchaprasong

1.Pra Prom Erawan:
God of Creation, protector of general life & health

2.Pra Indra:
God of Goodwill protector of life, prosperity & nature

3.Pra Narai:
God of Protection to ward off enemies & evil spirits

4.Pra Mae Laksami:
Goddess of Wealth & Fortune to bestow luck in money matters

5.Pra Mae Umadhevi:
Goddess of Might protects family and fertility

6.Pra Pikanet:
God of Success to bless success in business, arts, studies

7.Pra Trimurati:
God of Love to bestow good luck in love & relationships

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