THE GAYSORN COMMUNITY: Strength in Unity for the Future

Gaysorn is not only interested in retail and entertainment. Our plans focus on the development of the entire district to be united by grand experiences and a special place in the heart of the city to call your own.

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Gaysorn Village

Bustling city streets filled with busy people have led to a disconnect in the community. The Gaysorn Village answers the call to provide a rare lifestyle “re-connect”. Since the founding of the great Ratchaprasong area, it was intended to be a gathering place for people of all walks of life to visit, enjoy, and enrich themselves.

Here at Gaysorn and the Ratchaprasong District, community is what makes us unique. We pride ourselves on inviting visitors to not just visit, shop, dine and be entertained for only a few hour, rather, we offer a community space where lives can be lived freely without the constraints of time.

At the Gaysorn Village, arts and culture are cultivated into a living and breathing entity. The “outside of the box” approach ensures that every experience is unique and uninhibited. Just like art, free and open for interpretation, the urban village concept is rich in style and always welcoming variety and discovery. We are the community, we are Gaysorn.

Gaysorn Tower

Breathing life back into the area is the latest skyscraper to adorn the beautiful Bangkok skyline. The Gaysorn Tower is yet another extension of the lifestyle and community based approach that the masterminds at Gaysorn have to offer.

At Gaysorn Tower, workspaces are reengineered, business is enhanced, friendships are renewed and lives are recharged. The optimized floor plans, eco-friendly materials and dedicated community areas have been carefully worked to enhance every moment of the day. Work and play come together as art and lifestyle culture are effortlessly integrated into the structure. The inclusive, one-of-a-kind office building doubles as a community-based retreat and destination for ultimate life balance. 

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