HEI YIN Chinese Restaurant

HEI YIN Chinese Restaurant Gaysorn Village


Celebrating Culinary Abundance


Authentic | Generous | Dedicated | Warm I Exceptional


Cultivating Relationships: We believe good food brings people together. We want to be a place that cultivates kinship and a sense of togetherness amongst our customer and their love ones.

Flourishing Expertise: Our roots run deep into the culinary culture and heritage of authentic Cantonese cuisine, taking pride in serving exceptionally fresh and natural rich flavours made modern.

Rich Appreciations: An appreciative spread of richness in food, culture, warmth and heritage for all our guest and customers to enjoy.

Embracing Pleasures: We are committed to provide a pleasurable dining experience like no other, with sensorial emphasis on taste, service and ambience.



At HEI YIN, we are dedicated to present a modern take on a celebrated cuisine and heritage, aimed to connect families and the community through our generous spread of food, warmth and service.

Be invited to relish in the culture and heritage of exceptionally fresh and natural rich flavours made modern. A sensorial feast of fragrance, colour, taste and forms.


HEI YIN is a dining concept inspired by an ancient Cantonese legend, with an intention to celebrate of the culinary abundance and expertise renowned to Cantonese cuisine.

Owing its culinary origins to Guangzhou, a city that borders the South China Sea and its northern mountain with plentiful rainfall and flourishing blossoms all year round, the abundance in natural resources and seasonal agriculture creates a perfect environment for cultivating a flavorful culinary palette.

According to the legend, there was a time when draught and starvation succeeded many years. Five celestial being who rode on goats, flew from the skies and blessed the land with good harvests after being moved by the prayers of the people. Ever since then, Guangzhou was bestowed with bumper harvest of grain every year. Legend has it that the Five Immortals Temple in Guangzhou was built in their memory, where the five immortals flew down.

This legend was since collected into the first batch of The Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of Guangzhou in 2007.

LOCATION : 3rd Floor, Unit 22 Gaysorn Centre

PHONE : +66 80-964-5423

HOURS : 11.00 A.M. - 3.00 P.M.

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